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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Tiling Himmarshee

I hid three more tiles in random spots around the Himmarshee Village/Riverfront area of downtown Fort Lauderdale last night but didn't post them on Dropspots as they weren't hard to find, so I figure they're gone by now. I didn't really hide them so much as I just left them places. The tiles were #6 Shadybug ... wasn't like the others, #2 Home Sweet Home (Affordable Housing) and the one pictured in an earlier post, #5 Red-Haired Girl (Her muses were many, her troubles were few). ... Happened across some good bands at Revolution. Really liked this group called Sunuelo or Suenelo or something like that. I saw the name on a flier but forget how to spell it ... They inspired some crazy dancing. Funny moment of the evening: There's a store in Riverfront that had these funky little polka dot headband things (that I thought were ties at first) ... anyway there's a mannequin outside the door, and the person who works there (or maybe owns it) was stuffing tissues down the dress, then she stood back with her hand on her hips admiring her work. When she looked over and saw us laughing, she said the mannequin needed a little boob job. I think business was a little slow. Riverfront doesn't get the crowds it once did and there were manyempty storefronts. The kiosk people looked especially bored, as did the guy who rides people around on one of those big tricycle things that I can never remember the name of .... I offered him five dollars if he would let me take it for a ride and I told him he could even sit in the back ('cause I always wanted to see if I had the strength to pedal people around in case I need a second job) but he declined my generous offer, saying he would if he could but ... insurance blah blah blah. Like I'm really gonna crash a tricycle. ... But the best bike moment was seeing all these really cool bicycles lined up in a row in parking spots just outside the Poor House, as if they were Harleys or something. Loved that.


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